Two Mile Hill, Bristol (UK)

Participants from The Hive, a Bristol-based centre for adults with autism and learning disabilities, collaborate with artist Sebastián Bruno. 

In 2023, we invited artist Sebastian Bruno to collaborate with participants from The Hive, a Bristol centre for adults with autism and learning disabilities. Through a series of workshops that drew upon the theatre techniques of Augusto Boal, Sebastian and the group enacted scenes from historic films that had once been shown at the now-closed local cinema. The group took the resulting photographs and painted over them, to create a series of experimental portraits. Following this initial collaboration, Sebastian and the group have continued working together, combining photography, theatre and play. During the festival, we will present a series of these collaborative works, with details to be announced Summer 2024. 

Sebastián Bruno is an Argentine/Spanish photographer. His work explores the historical, political and social forces that shape communities, particularly those that have been overlooked or passed by in the name of progress. Recent publications include The Dynamic (IC Visual Lab, 2023) & Ta-ra (Ediciones Anómalas, 2023). 

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