17 Midland Road

17 Midland Rd, Bristol BS2 0JT

15 Oct to
17 Nov 2024

12pm - 6pm

In her new work, 120 minutes, Bristol-based artist Amak Mahmoodian explores ideas of dreaming amongst people in exile. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Multistory who originally commissioned part of the work.

Working with images, poems, archives and videos, Amak Mahmoodian’s work weaves connections between south/central Asia (particularly Iran) and the region’s many diasporas, focussing on the stories of those rendered silent by official narratives. Previous projects include Zanjir 2019) and Shenasnameh (2016).

About Amak Mahmoodian:

An award-winning multidisciplinary artist and educator from Iran. Amak began her career as a research-based photographer at the Art University of Tehran in Iran in 2003. Since 2007, she has been living in the UK where she practices as a visual artist and lecturer in Photography. In 2015, she completed a practice-based doctorate in photography at the University of South Wales.

Working with photography, text, video, drawing and archives at the intersection of conceptual and documentary photography, Amak’s artistic practice explores the presentation of gender, identity and displacement, bridging a space between the personal and political.

Amak’s projects are produced across platforms, such as installations, books and films. Her work has been shown extensively and won numerous awards. She has published two books, Shenasnameh (RRB- ICV Lab, 2016), which was shortlisted for The First Author book award Rencontres Arles, and Zanjir (RRB, 2019), which was the winner of The Best Photo Text  book award Rencontres Arles. 

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