East Street, Bristol (UK)

Elders from ACTA Community Theatre examine the working class history of South Bristol.

Artists Jessie Edwards Thomas & Kelly O’Brien are collaborating with elders from Acta Community Theatre, using performance and photography to explore the working class history of South Bristol, focussing particularly on the area surrounding East Street, Bedminster. During the festival, we will present the work created, inviting audiences to meet with the group and learn more about the project. 

Originally from Snowdownia, North Wales, Jessie Edwards Thomas is a visual artist currently based in the South West. Her work often explores the relationship between individuals, communities and the state; drawing particularly on themes of belonging and alienation. Jessie’s practice is deeply connected to ideas of community. She has worked collaboratively with communities across Bristol, such as in the mental health sector and the homeless pathway.

Kelly O’Brien is an artist, educator and PhD researcher. Her work explores the relationship between photography, absence, personal experiences & political histories. Recent projects include The Absurdities of Austerity (ongoing), a collaborative project examining food in/justice in the UK today; No Rest For The Wicked (ongoing), a PhD research project investigating themes of class, gender & labour; and Are You There? (2017-2021), where she collaborated with clairvoyants to create an abstract image of her late and estranged father.

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